Bodywork Tuesday

Posted by Webmaster on December 6, 2010 at 2:01 PM

Photo:Monk on the song tao.

Today I received a lot of bodywork. First Pichest showed us a technique where he slapped our calves with an old horseshoe that had been dipped in tamarind water. It relaxes the calves, and is done while the recipient is standing.


Then he continued the healing work on my shoulder, and though the process was intense, afterward I feel better than ever. Later in the day his uncanny intuition showed itself via a conversation about my mom--a woman who is a true gift, and he reminded me to honor and help my parents, and said it is good that I recognize that my mom is an enlightened person and to learn from her. Anyone who knows her certainly recognizes this!

Photo:  Banana spring rolls with thick honey. With due deference to Dr Charlie, who told me that eating bananas would make me more attractive mosquitoes. The spring rolls were wonderful...the mosquitoes were not.


His philisophies about being a healer and about caring for the self are clear, and though I have not gotten very into them yet in this blog, they are simple and make sense, even if proper self-attentiveness is difficult in our modern world. My teacher Tanya told me before this trip that she gets what she needs when studying with Pichest, and so it seems this is proving true for me as well.

Photo:  Pichest working with a willing recipient....a recipient whose body certainly felt much more open after this.


Here's to the journey,





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