Minnesota- Finally!

Posted by Webmaster on December 15, 2010 at 12:17 PM


I'm back safe and sound...finally!


Photo:  On the ferry from Ko Phi Phi to Ko Lanta. Andaman Sea.

My time on the Thai island of Ko Lanta was beautiful and restful. I met interesting new people and very much enjoyed the quiet sandy beach and warm gentle ocean. I acually have a tan, which I now have tucked safely away beneath layers of warm clothes.


My trip back stateside was long, even longer than planned, as the big blizzard blew in just about when I was due to board my final connection from Dallas to Minneapolis. But even though I was delayed by a day and change, I seized the opportunity to rest and booked a hotel room and slept a lot, which was a wonderful head start on dealing with jet lag. Which I am still dealing with, so bear with me as I recover...I think I'm a bit thick-headed come late afternoon these days, but it's improving as I adjust after being on opposite time.


I am grateful for and humbled by all this trip offered: the opportunity to learn, be healed, meet new people, make new friends, see amazing places, and so much more that I continue to recognize and realize.


I am also grateful for all of you, and while having these amazing experiences, believe me, part of me was missing being in Minnesota, teaching yoga and sharing healing bodywork. I look forward to seeing you in class, and sharing new elements of Thai bodywork!


Warm regards,




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