Putting It All Together

Posted by Jennvp on January 30, 2011 at 1:57 PM
Photo:  Tuk sen technique

Greetings all,
I've been back in snowy Minnesota now for over a month. During that time I've enjoyed sharing my stories from Thailand and Cambodia. I've also been spending a lot of energy integrating my training into bodywork sessions with my amazing clients.

I'm pleased to report that the tuk sen technique has been popular with many clients--while a teak mallet and chisel looks a bit severe, the therapy is quite gentle, and is effective on the tissue. Further, Pichest's teachings remain compelling and I feel that I returned from Thailand prepa red to offer healing treatments at a whole new level.

Also, I'm looking forward to offering Thai rishi yoga classes at Synergize Yoga Studio in Anoka. This ancient practice is self-healing and gentle, and I'm enthusiastic to share it with anyone interested in learning more about it. Monday evening and Thursday morning classes begin the week of February 14.

On a personal note, my commitment to providing the best care and teaching I can is stronger than ever. And my belief in following a path one believes in remains strong. Finding a place of healing within myself was brought to the fore by Master Pichest and Homprang, and being able to synthesize that experience by traveling with my mentor Tanya deepened the lessons in ways I wouldn't have found on my own.

My experience in Thailand brought me deeper into my practice, showed me a centeredness I hadn't before experienced, and introduced me to amazing people who have become wonderful friends back here in Minnesota--inspiring women who lead inspiring lives!

Gratitude is an understatement when I talk about my attitude toward this adventure. 
It's great to be back. It's great to feel inspired.

And now as I dig into the second half of my Parayoga teacher training at Devanadi Yoga Studio in Minneapolis, I bring that centeredness and sense of personal healing (physical and spiritual) from Thailand into my yoga practice, and it's pretty awesome. So even during some of those two-hour practices at my training weekends when I'm relatively certain my glutes will fail after endless one-legged forward something-or-other yoga poses, I am able to dig just a little deeper, breathe just a little more evenly, and know that if I am open I will find the "there" place somewhere within myself that will center me and allow me to move through those challenges with greater ease and focus...even if my glutes will remind me for a day or two afterward.


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