Thai Yoga bodywork

Thai yoga bodywork (also called Thai massage, Thai bodywork or Thai yoga) is an ancient healing modality dating back over 2,500 years, with a rich history rooted in healing.

Thai bodywork combines gentle stretching and the use of passive yoga poses, as well as acupressure along the sen or energy lines of the body. Gentle tissue manipulation and energy balancing are an integral  part of the process.  Finally,  steamed herbal compress completes the experience. Read more about Thai yoga bodywork at the Thai Healing Alliance.

A typical session with Jenn:
Wearing comfortable clothing, you begin by laying on a soft futon on the floor. A far-infrared  pad warms your back (contraindicated for some individuals) as you relax to soft music. Bolsters, pillows and other props are used to create complete, supported comfort as necessary.

Thai  yoga bodywork sessions typically open with the feet and legs, with foot massage and acupressure along  the sen (energy) lines to create flow and prepare your body for the rest of the session.

Throughout your treatment your body will be stretched and  gently moved into passive yoga  postures while acupressure and tissue manipulation are applied. You may be moved from lying  on your back to your stomach, to your side, and to sitting up, depending on your body’s needs that day. Aromatic steamed herbal compresses are applied to sore and sensitive muscles. Energy balancing and healing techniques may also be used on an individual basis. Typically, a gentle acupressure and herbal steam compress facial completes your session. 

Thanks to Jenn’s extensive and ongoing training, each session is unique to the recipient and to their needs that day, and her blend of modalities offers an experience unlike any other.


Read more about Thai yoga bodywork.

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